NATSPEC National BIM Guide

A set of documents to assist clients, consultants and stakeholders clarify their BIM requirements for building projects.

NATSPEC BIM Management Plan Template

Use this template to define how a construction project will be executed, monitored and controlled with regard to BIM.

Open BIM Object Standard

A free resource to assist in the creation of BIM objects, for use by all construction professionals – from designers and specifiers to manufacturers and BIM content developers.

NATSPEC BIM Papers and other documents

NATSPEC documents on a range of topics including getting started with BIM, LOD, BIM project inception, information classification systems and scheduling.


A Guide by the Australasian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB) to assist clients and their consultants to define their Asset Information Requirements (AIR) to take advantage of BIM’s capacity to capture and deliver asset data useful for the operation and maintenance of an asset or facility.

ABAB BIM Process Consistency Report

A report by the Australasian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB) on developing BIM process consistency for the digital design, construction and operation of assets. This will form the basis of a common framework for BIM implementation by Australian government agencies and industry.

ISO 19650 documents

Details of ISO 19650 related documents including AS ISO 19650 and guidance documents.

Templates, proforma and checklists

A collection of templates, proforma, checklists and similar documents that may assist the implementation of BIM on projects. Some are referenced in other NATSPEC BIM documents, and can be used in conjunction with them.