BIM for Quantity Surveying

This article covers the use of BIM for quantity surveying, referred to as 5D BIM.

ANZIQS BIM Best Practice Guidelines

These guidelines highlight key knowledge areas relating to BIM, including:

  • what quantity surveyors need to know about BIM,
  • 5D BIM (what it actually is and what it isn’t),
  • what to expect in a BIM project,
  • timeline of a quantity surveyor’s role in the BIM Execution Plan,
  • what information quantity surveyors need from 3D digital models,
  • quality assurance, and
  • legal issues to be aware of whilst working on BIM projects.

This document is an essential guide for quantity surveyors looking to be involved with a project implementing BIM processes. The term quantity surveyor (QS) is used throughout the document to include the roles of cost managers and cost estimators.

ANZIQS BIM Best Practice Guidelines PDF [4.11 MB]     Download